The categories of imported food we are searching for are involved in a variety of foods which are considered to be the most favorite food in its local market. Some typical examples could be the wine from France, roasted seeds and nuts from America, olive oil from Italy and milk powder from New Zealand etc. Nevertheless, we believe that there must be a better item somewhere in the world which has the equal value of France wine for example in the market and we are really keen to seek out the best food for our consumers in China.
You are very welcome to provide any product information in your country or somewhere you believe it has the best. It is also very essential for us to be acquainted with knowledge of the products you offered and therefore we would like to ask you to enclose detailed products information.
If you could offer the products at the following categories, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Fruit & Vegetable

Citrus Fruit/Grapes/Berries/Dried Fruit & Nuts/Stone Fruit ¡­

Fresh Meat & Fish

Turkey/Beef/ Sausage, Bacon/Frozen Fish/Prawns, Shellfish ¡­

Dairy & Chilled

Cheese/Butter/Spreads/Cream& Milk/Desserts/Pies/Pizza¡­

Sauces & Seasonings

Herbs/Spices/Seasonings/Pepper/Sugar/Salad Dressing¡­

Jams & Spreads

Honey/Jams/Preserves/Peanut Butter/Chocolate Spread...

Oil & Rice, Pasta

Olive Oils/Cooking Oils/Noodle/Pasta/Rice/Soups¡­


Wine/Spirits/Beer/Coffee/Tea/Juice Drinks/Water/Squash¡­

Canned Food

Fish& Seafood/Fruit/Vegetable/Meat/Meals¡­

Snack Food


Others (Local Favorite)


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